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Child refugees
Syrian children have the right to go to school

There are 1.4 million school-age children affected by the war in Syria who are living as refugees in the neighbouring countries: Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, Iraq and Egypt. More than half of these...

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Yemen's forgotten children

The scale of suffering in Yemen is staggering. Yemen is witnessing one of the world's largest humanitarian crisis with 21.2 million people – or 82% of the population – in need of emergency...

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Every Last Child - the world's invisible children

Delphine received a losing ticket in the lottery of birth. She lives with her father and two brothers in a single-room makeshift mud and thatch hut on the fringes of Mbuji Mayi, a sprawling...

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We can't afford to have a lost generation of children in Za'atari Camp

Two million children inside Syria and 700,000 Syrian refugee children are out of school as a result of the crisis in Syria. Some of the most excluded children live in Za'atari camp in Jordan, where...

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Migrant Children Deserve Equal Chance to Attend School in Thailand

Thailand has a long history of hosting migrants and refugees from neighboring countries as they flee conflict and extreme poverty. Over the past decade alone, hundreds of thousands of migrant...

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