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Investment in Every Last Child
Children as Agents of Change in Peru

On the 30th of October a group of confident, empowered and determined young individuals united for the 5th meeting of the Organisation for Children and Adolescents (ONNA) of Huánuco, Perú in order...

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Launching UNGC on public budgeting in an innovative way

Children representatives, including boys and girls came from three different districts of Kigali City. Clementine and her friends were not only able to ask questions to government officials and...

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Children in Zambia call for increased investments in children

Children from Lusaka, Zambia took on parliamentarians in debating aspects of the national budget, particularly those concerning children, as part of launching the Every Last Child Campaign and the...

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You see the needs but there is no investment

Alejandra, 14, in the rural village of La Ceja, Colombia, talks to us about investment in children

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Nicaragua is moving forward, but not a single child can be left behind

Nicaragua is one of the poorest countries in Latin America and the Caribbean, but was recently ‘upgraded’ by the World Bank to the category of Low Middle Income countries. In general terms the...

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The EU must move from words to action to keep its promises to children

Investing in children today is key for the European Union to ensure impact of its policies, both within and outside Europe, over the long-term....

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The Forgotten Children of Yemen: why investing in war-ridden countries is a must

Co-written with: Beatriz Ochoa, Advocacy Officer, Save the Children in Yemen...

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To invest in our future, we must invest in our children

Amina is 13 and lives with her mother and siblings in a rural community in Nepal. She is not in school since the curriculum is only taught to grade five. “I only got to study up to grade five...

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States must ‘walk the talk’ – UN releases first guidelines on governments’ legal obligation to invest in children

An everyday sight that we might not reflect much on; children walking to a nearby school. A school where they learn to read and write and have time for play. If they fall sick there is a nurse who...

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