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Children with disabilities
Bangladesh Child Parliament – a platform to showcase adolescent children’s voice and active citizenship

The 13th session of the “Child Parliament” was held on 31 May, 2016 in Dhaka, involving 84 child parliamentarians representing 64 districts and 20 special regions. The meeting was supported by Save...

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Campaigning for every last child in Palestine

If we could take just one example of where the marginalization, poverty and discrimination are dramatic barriers for the development of children by preventing their access to education, healthcare...

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Ensuring Giorgi gets the education he deserves

Giorgi  is a 10-year-old boy who was born with Down syndrome. He uses wheelchair and has a speech disorder. Until now, Giorgi was unable to learn and fulfil all his potential because no school was...

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The most excluded children must be protected from violence in order to survive and learn

Violence is at the core of the harsh reality faced by the most deprived children all over the world. Violence can drive children into a status of marginalisation and the most marginalised children...

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Defying exclusion – every last child deserves a good start

To be born deaf mute is hard enough. To be born deaf mute into a Roma family adds another layer of difficulty. And if that family is mostly illiterate, that’s down right impossible. Yet, this is...

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