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Ending child marriage: an urgent and unfinished agenda

As a father of girls, I often pause to reflect on how my daughters’ opportunities contrast with those of earlier generations.

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Advocating to give every last girl a future

As the head of Save the Children, one of the best parts of my job is getting to meet amazing children, in the toughest places around the world, who are working to make it a better place. Maryam...

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Married at 17 an entrepreneur at 21

Co-authored by Vinita Thapa, Media &communications Coordinator, Save the Children in Nepal...

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Increased budget for maternal newborn health in Tanzania

Co-authored by John Engels, Director of Advocacy, Communications and Knowledge Management, Saving Newborn Lives, Save the Children US...

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Girls speak up and free Guatemala from child marriage 

“I am 16 years old and I do not want to get married,” said Brenda Alviruez, a 16 year old adolescent, loudly when she spoke at a press conference before media and deputies of the congress,...

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El Salvador reforms its legislation to prohibit child marriage

Thousands of girls and adolescents in El Salvador will be more protected and their rights will not be violated: the Legislature approved the reform of Article 14 of the Family Code prohibiting...

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Save the Children's youth advocate in the spotlight at High-Level Political Forum

Co-written by Aya Abu Sitteh, Advocacy and Communications Officer, Save the Children Jordan

Inspiring real and lasting change in the lives of children around the world should always remain high o...

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Feria Educativa por el Día Mundial del Manejo de la Higiene Menstrual

Co-authored by Ana Lizbeth Jimenez, Volunteer at Save the Children Bolivia...

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El Programa de Desarrollo de Adolescentes Tomando Decisiones organizó el Primer Encuentro de Grupos de Apoyo con Adolescentes Embarazadas y Mamás Jóvenes

En la ciudad de Cochabamba se llevó a cabo  el 1er Encuentro de Intercambio de Experiencias de los Grupos de Apoyo con Adolescentes Embarazadas y Mamás Jóvenes de los Centros de Salud de la Red...

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Holding the African Union Member States accountable to children

Worldwide, more than 700 million women and girls, alive today, were married before their 18th birthday. Despite the progress, the figures are still alarming - 125 million African women and girls...

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Joining hands with police to end child marriage in Kalikot

Many years ago, when we started the campaign to end child marriage in Kalikot district in mid-west Nepal, I remember one particular incident. Bipana was 16, in seventh grade and was just about to...

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African leaders must step up commitments to supporting girls’ education, especially during crises!

Nyakat is a 15-year-old South-Sudanese refugee girl who lives in a camp in Gambella, Ethiopia. In 2014, she fled the war in her home town Juba with her younger brother and found refuge in Kenya. In...

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