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Child refugees
“The doors never close’’

Rayan’s school was a stone’s throw away from his house, but a seat was far from guaranteed.  ...

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Learning from Promising Practices in Refugee Education

Originally published on GEM Report....

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“Even now, I still have big ambitions’’ 

At 51, Salwa* joins her 12-year-old daughter to learn the alphabet – the first time she does so since leaving school 45 years ago. Salwa had just completed the first month at school when she...

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'I dared to change'

Sultan* went to Save the Children for help, and he was not to be let down....

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“I imagine what my feelings look like’’ 

Painting for Rasha* is a colourful reflection of inner thoughts and feelings, in happy times and sad....

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“My thoughts were somewhere else’’

The burden on Bilal’s shoulders was too heavy for him to balance between work and education....

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Education is like oxygen for us

Those are the words of Shadia*, an adolescent refugee girl living in Dadaab refugee camp in northern Kenya. She knows that she cannot survive and thrive without a good education. She knows it’s the...

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‘’He is one of us’’

Majd*, 6, who lost his father and grew up with his aunt and uncle, overcomes testing times....

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Their Education, Our Future: Young minds deserve a chance to shine  

Co-authored by Ahmed Bayram, Media and Communications Officer, Save the Children in Lebanon...

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Save the Children's youth advocate in the spotlight at High-Level Political Forum

Co-written by Aya Abu Sitteh, Advocacy and Communications Officer, Save the Children Jordan

Inspiring real and lasting change in the lives of children around the world should always remain high o...

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Calling for greater protection of schools and children's right to education

19 August marks World Humanitarian Day, a global UN campaign that ‘advocates for the safety and security of humanitarian aid workers and for the survival, well-being and dignity of people affected...

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Learning about refugee learning: five ways to make youth participatory action research work

Co-written with Aya Abu Sitteh, Advocacy and Communications Officer, Save the Children Jordan...

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