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Girls from Saptari in Nepal speak about what matters most to them

Pushpa is a 15 year old teenager from Saptari, a district in Eastern Nepal. She studies at a local community school, while her brother is sent to an urban private school. Stung by this unfair...

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Nepal launched its campaign over steaming cups of tea

“My friend stayed at a temporary shelter after the earthquake, then eloped with a boy. She became pregnant and now at the age of 16, has a child. She has stopped studying,” a teenaged girl shared...

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Breakthrough in Nepal: reaching the unreached

Dukhiya Musahar, 29, lives in the low-land Nepali district of Sarlahi, bordering India to the south and flanked by the Sivalik Hills in the north. The green, fertile lands are more tropical than...

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Adolescent girls in Nepal need to be reached now

Tara’s* eyes have an innocent gleam, and a mischievous twinkle. She is just 18, after all....

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Leave no child behind

This first appeared on Republica - Nepal Republic Media...

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