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El Salvador
Participatory spaces help to empower children and adolescents

Kamila Blanco is an adolescent from El Salvador. She participated in the advocacy and campaigns regional workshop and shared her thoughts with us in a diary:...

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El Salvador reforms its legislation to prohibit child marriage

Thousands of girls and adolescents in El Salvador will be more protected and their rights will not be violated: the Legislature approved the reform of Article 14 of the Family Code prohibiting...

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LAC region launches a campaign to protect migrant children

More than 30,000 children and adolescents from El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras and Mexico returned to their countries of origin in 2016, leaving them vulnerable and at risk of violence....

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Hope, in the most dangerous city in the world

At first glance, driving through central San Salvador is much like other Central American cities – or a North American city, for that matter. Passing through the palm-lined streets spotting...

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Niños, niñas y adolescentes piden a los estados que los protejan frente a la violencia

26 representantes de 10 países de América Latina y El Caribe se reunieron en Montevideo, Uruguay, y elaboraron propuestas a las autoridades para enfrentar el acoso y la violencia en entornos...

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Children and adolescents urge states to protect them against violence

26 representatives from 10 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean met in Montevideo, Uruguay, and made proposals to the authorities to face harassment and violence in virtual environments....

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