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Ending child marriage: an urgent and unfinished agenda

As a father of girls, I often pause to reflect on how my daughters’ opportunities contrast with those of earlier generations.

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What impact has the Every Last Child campaign had in 2016?

In April 2016 we launched our Every Last Child campaign in over 70 countries. In the past year, we have seen incredible successes, progress and outcomes at national, regional and international...

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Not just another Valentine’s Day: Malawi changes the child marriage law!

It is 5:00AM, the weather looks promising, the day looks very bright as well. Tiyamike* smiles as she yawns and reluctantly wakes up to face the day, after all its Monday, and she needs to go...

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Tax dodging: Why children pay up

I recently visited a rural area in Malawi, where the school only had enough classroom blocks for half of the children enrolled, the only health centre was run by a retired nurse and there was no...

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Malawi: understanding the need to reach every last child

In Malawi, Save the Children is campaigning for children living in the most remote areas who lack access to quality healthcare and education services. ...

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Social accountability as a stepping stone for children in Malawi

Save the Children is working to ensure every last child has the opportunity to survive and learn. One of the ways we will achieve this is by calling for fair finance....

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