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Patrick Watt, Global Campaign, Advocacy & Communications Director
What can we learn from campaigns run by the world’s children and young people?

Save the Children’s Patrick Watt reports back from some INGO soul searching on ‘Engaging a New Generation’...

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Ending child marriage: an urgent and unfinished agenda

As a father of girls, I often pause to reflect on how my daughters’ opportunities contrast with those of earlier generations.

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Uganda - Make or break for the global refugee compact

Originally Appeared on Huffington Post UK...

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Breaking barriers so that all children with disabilities can learn

First published on Huffington Post.
Fred was born blind. Growing up in rural Malawi, there was no expectation that he would get an education, and the village school was not set up to meet his need...

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Progress for children isn’t possible without progress for girls

This first appeared on Disrupt&Innovate, weekly blogs for civil society professionals, leaders & activists....

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Every Last Child - the world's invisible children

Delphine received a losing ticket in the lottery of birth. She lives with her father and two brothers in a single-room makeshift mud and thatch hut on the fringes of Mbuji Mayi, a sprawling...

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