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Marta García Terán, Communications and Advocacy Coordinator, Save the Children in Nicaragua
Nicaraguan young leaders met Rut Krüger Giverin, Norwegian ambassador

During the meeting young leaders held with Rut Krüger Giverin, Emily, a representative of Every Last Child in Nicaragua said: "We are working in our communities to reach every last child to ensur...

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“What I learnt here, I can put in practice at home, and then in the school and community”

15 people are checking and filling records and report cards titled - “Treatment registration (2 to 71 months)”. There are murmurs while they cross-check the different rows and data they are...

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Pintar, leer y escribir, las pasiones de Heysli

Heylsi, una niña de 7 años, habla sobre sobre las metodologías compartidas con las y los docentes de la escuela Marvin Mitchel en el marco del proyecto “TransformArte: Promoviendo la...

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La realidad de la Nicaragua rural a través de la lente de un niño

In Nicaragua and as part of our #EveryLastChild campaign, 57 children created a collage of audiovisual clips in order to raise awareness of children’s rights in rural Nicaragua.

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Niñez rural conoce sus derechos humanos

In Nicaragua as part of the global campaign, we are campaigning with children and adolescents to reflect and discuss on issues such as human rights, social exclusion, investment in children and the...

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El aporte de la familia en la educación de niñas y niños

Engaging father and mother in the education of their children is the goal of the project Promoting Quality Education in Mother Tongue Save the Children is carrying out in the municipality of...

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