Mexican children voice their demands on International Youth Day 14 Aug 2015


Children ran their Race for Survival on 12 August...

Meet Dominga, a Traditional Birth Attendant in Mexico 7 Aug 2014


“When the baby is born, I tell the mother the importance of not throwing colostrum, because it is the first vitamin that a baby should receive”

Dominga is a traditional birth attendant (TBA) in San Cristóbal de las Casas, Chiapas in Mexico. Chiapas is one of the poorest states in Mexico with a large indigenous population (35% of the population) and life expectancy is among the lowest in the country. It also has the second highest child mortality rate in children under 5 years.

World Breastfeeding Week in Mexico 7 Aug 2014


World Breastfeeding Week is a special moment that should be taken as an opportunity to promote this practice around the world.

In Mexico, this year was emblematic. For the first time, breastfeeding escalated in the media, it was assumed as an issue of public policy, involving government responsibilities, not just women.

Moreover, the Mexican government passed a decree which amended laws of the health system to promote breastfeeding.

In turn, the government of Mexico City decided to launch a controversial media campaign to promote breastfeeding.

One more step to eradicate child mortality in Mexico 16 May 2014


2014 has been an important year for child survival and breastfeeding in Mexico.

First, Save the Children presented a study on the situation of Breastfeeding and Motherhood in Mexico, which revealed that 85% of children born in Mexico don’t have the protection that exclusive breastfeeding provides.

Solutions to End Newborn Deaths in Mexico 14 Mar 2014


Last week the report 'Breastfeeding and Maternity in Mexico: Challenges to the Inequality' was launched.

Mexico: The change needed for children in Chiapas 28 Feb 2013


by Alice Macdonald, Advocacy Manager, Save the Children and Aline Tinoco, Health and Nutrition Officer, Save the Children in Mexico

With a booming economy, growing middle class and an increasing role on the world stage Mexico is thriving. But whilst there have been real gains for many children – Mexico is set to achieve MDG4 – high levels of inequality have meant that too many children, most often from indigenous communities, have been left behind.