Children in China race to improve access to education and health services 20 Oct 2014


On 17 October 2014, children in Shanghai and Xinjiang participated in the Race for Survival...

Newborn care after natural disaster - story of Li Chaoxian 4 Sep 2014


Li Chaoxian, a mother affected by the Ludian earthquake is guided on importance of breastfeeding by Save the Children...



“Race for Survival reminds people to cherish their lives!” “This race will help us be healthy, and it doesn’t matter who wins.”

Race for Survival in China 5 Nov 2013


By Gulizat, Save the Children in China

Over 110 children in China’s Xinjiang Uhgier autonomous region ran the Race for Survival on 23rd October 2013, to raise awareness on the health worker shortage in China and around the world.

“I think it’s very meaningful as this is for child health and survival,” said Kurderit, 13, one of the children who ran the race. “I like long distance running so I was really excited to participate. It is my first time running in a relay race like this.”

Shanghai school children join the Race for Survival 23 Oct 2013


Lv Jicheng, China


Over 70 children from Shanghai’s Wen Xin School joined the Race for Survival in China today to call for children around the world to be given equal rights to health services.

The school children and their physical education teacher have been enthusiastically preparing for the race all week. Two teams ran the race, with the winners recording an impressive time of 2:25:16.

Health workers join Race for Survival China 23 Oct 2013


By Qian Xiaofeng, Save the Children

Interview with a health worker, Qi Li Ge Er, 30, who is from Beijing Haiding District, and works at the Wanshou Lu Community  Health Station. She is a general practitioner, and an ethnic minority Mongol. In October 2012, she represented Save the Children in the Beijing Marathon. This year, upon hearing about our participation in support of health workers to improve child survival, she signed up to run with again.

Q: Why are you so keen to represent Save the Children?