Tackling child malnutrition in Bangladesh with Suchana Programme 26 Aug 2015


Understanding how the Suchana programme will work in Bangladesh...

Comprehensive Newborn Care Package (CNCP) launched in Bangladesh to improve newborn survival 9 Apr 2015

Michael McGrath, Country Director, Save the Children in Bangladesh delivering his speech as special guest

The Government of Bangladesh adopted evidence-based, newborn death-cause-specific four new newborn interventions for national scale-up in July 2013. At the same time, it declared its commitment to ending preventable child deaths in the country by 2035 in the declaration on ‘Ending Preventable Child Deaths by 2035: Bangladesh Call for Action’. This declaration categorically included essential newborn care, new newborn health interventions and specialized newborn care and district and sub-district level as the strategy to reduce newborn mortality.

Pronita Rani Raha's Story 12 Jun 2014


By Nazrul Islam

Health workforce crisis in Bangladesh 22 May 2014


Dr Arefin Amal Islam, Save the Children, Bangladesh

As Bangladesh moves forward into post-MDG era, the challenges remain to keep up the pace of improvement in overall health in general and in maternal, newborn and child health in particular. One of the barriers in advancing the momentum of health development of the country is un-skilled and inadequate health workers. As per WHO, health workers are defined as “all people engaged in actions whose primary intent is to enhance health”.

Treating Pneumonia in remote areas in Bangladesh 13 Feb 2014


In Bangladesh 19,000 children die from pneumonia each year, accounting for 22% of under five deaths. Save the Children has been campaigning for lifesaving medicines, such as pneumococcal vaccines and scaling up of the Community Case Management approach for training health workers.

One of these lifesaving health workers is Rotan Lal Roy, a village doctor, who has been practicing medicine for the last 30 years in Rampati Bazar area in Dehergoti union under Babugonj upazila, Barisal. He was trained in Community Case Management by Save the Children in 2012.

Calls to end preventable deaths caused by pneumonia at Bangladesh’s Race for Survival 24 Oct 2013


By Taskin Rahman

Children in Bangladesh completed the Race for Survival on 23rd October in a time of 2h2m, beating the world record set by Patrick Makau at 2h3m38s.