Advocacy and Campaign Impact

How do we actually measure advocacy impact?

The most successful campaigning movements in history have taken time, sometimes decades. As campaigners we understand this but we still have to operate within the confines of procedure and reporting.

Recognising the difficulty of assessing advocacy and campaigning impact, alongside the reality that our campaigners don’t have a lot of time, we resourced a team to put in place a simple framework. The video below explains this system.

Here are some tools we’ve developed

The framework is by no means new, instead we have used some of the most current thinking and turned it into a simple, practical, jargon-free approach to assess our work.

After two years of testing this we feel confident in sharing the process and hope it will support others who do not have the time or resources to design a system.

We have a short guidance document, a menu of indicators and a series of templates. Click on the buttons below to access these tools. 

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