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We're campaigning for children affected by conflict with a focus on girls. The conflict in Yemen is devastating the lives of 9.9 million children who are now in need of humanitarian assistance. Thousands of children have been forced to flee their homes and communities and many have lost their access to basic services including healthcare and education.

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I Wish Tomorrow Will Never Come

Adolescents and the impact of conflict on their experiences: an exploratory study in Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and Yemen

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Will it be the end?

Illustration: Takayo Akiyama / Save the Children...

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Giving birth as bombs are falling

Illustration: Takayo Akiyama / Save the Children...

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Staying? Or going?  

Illustration: Takayo Akiyama / Save the Children...

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The Forgotten Children of Yemen: why investing in war-ridden countries is a must

Co-written with: Beatriz Ochoa, Advocacy Officer, Save the Children in Yemen...

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Forgotten crisis, forgotten children

On 7 July 2016, Save the Children in Yemen launched a film to tell the stories of children affected by the conflict. Since the beginning of the war, over 1,000 children have been killed and...

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Futures on the Line: Yemen’s Children Missing an Education

This study analyses the impact of the armed conflict on education in Yemen. The conflict has resulted in the damage, occupation or closure of 1,600 schools, months of interrupted education for 1.8...

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Report: Unequal Portions

Good nutrition – a healthy, balanced, adequate diet – is a matter of life or death. And the difference between surviving or thriving. It is essential for a healthy immune system, to protect against...

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"We deserve to live in peace"

Atta* is a 15 year old boy from Al Mrawah district of Hodeida. He is one of the many kids affected by the Yemen conflict, which has left more than 80% of the population in need of humanitarian aid,...

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Yemen's forgotten children

The scale of suffering in Yemen is staggering. Yemen is witnessing one of the world's largest humanitarian crisis with 21.2 million people – or 82% of the population – in need of emergency...

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