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We're campaigning for access to healthcare and education for children from ethnic minorities. The Government must  build exclusion-sensitive policies for ethnic minority children.


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In Vietnam, children from ethnic minority bear the brunt of under-nutrition

The most disadvantaged group in Vietnam, ethnic minority children have been facing a striking gap in nutrition and other development conditions in comparison with Kinh, the majority group. They may...

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Ending malnutrition for every last child in Vietnam

Poverty in Vietnam has declined steeply since 1993, but these improvements have not been even. Minority ethnic groups are being left behind: over half of these children aged 5 to 12 suffer from...

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Report: Unequal Portions

Good nutrition – a healthy, balanced, adequate diet – is a matter of life or death. And the difference between surviving or thriving. It is essential for a healthy immune system, to protect against...

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