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We're campaigning for girls: Gender based violence against girls is widespread, they face child marriage and FGM from a very young age.  Girls’ participation in decisions affecting their lives is very low as the protracted conflict exacerbates the exclusion of these children.

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The fight is not over yet! - interview with Nafisa Yusuf on the Approval of the Sexual Offences Law in Somaliland

I recently met 13-year old Salma* in one of the settlements for the Internally Displaced People on the outskirts of Hergeisa, Somaliland.  She was heavily pregnant. Everything seems to be a...

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“Every day I console grieving mothers and witness the devastating impacts of drought on children.”

I’ve worked for Save the Children in Somalia for the past five years, regularly travelling across the country to visit the communities we support....

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Save the Children’s Emergency Support to Over 1 million people in Somalia 

As I am Save the Children’s Area Manager in Puntland, as soon as I heard that the drought situation was being announced as the most severe Category 1, I knew it was all systems go put in. While we...

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Supporting teenage mothers in the world's largest refugee camp

Crawling on the floor, clutching to some toys and occasionally trying to hold on to chairs and pull to a stand, baby Nasir and baby Fathi enjoy the environment in the office, perhaps fascinated by...

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Report: Unequal Portions

Good nutrition – a healthy, balanced, adequate diet – is a matter of life or death. And the difference between surviving or thriving. It is essential for a healthy immune system, to protect against...

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Embracing the Strength and Resilience of Somali Girls

Every Last Child: A call to transform girls’ lives in Somalia...

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Hafsa's story of determination: "quitting education was just NOT an option"

I had the awesome privilege of joining the Save the Children Somalia office as they launched their Every Last Child national campaign. The audacious and ambitious campaign will focus on girls and...

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