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We're campaigning for the protection and restitution of rights for children and adolescent victims exposed to armed conflict.


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Peace in Colombia: Supporting children released from the armed ranks of FARC

After more than 53 years of brutal conflict in Colombia, the country is finally on its way to peace. Over the next six months, the FARC’s (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia) more than 7,000...

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The fight against Zika and the importance of investing in health services in Colombia

Katherine is 29 and is pregnant of her second child, but has been infected by the Zika virus. Her daughter Sharick, 8, also has Zika and was diagnosed with Guillain-Barré, although that has not...

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La lucha contra el Zika y la importancia de invertir en servicios de salud en Colombia

Katherine tiene 29 años y está embarazada de su segundo hijo, pero tiene el virus del Zika. Su hija Sharick, de ocho años, también tiene Zika y le diagnosticaron la enfermedad de Guillain-Barré...

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Cuento de una niña valiente de Tumaco: violencia y esperanza en Colombia

Adriana is a young girl from Tucumaco, Colombia, a region greatly affected by armed conflict, violence and inequality. This story tells of how, following the brutal murder of her father, Save the...

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You see the needs but there is no investment

Alejandra, 14, in the rural village of La Ceja, Colombia, talks to us about investment in children

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Me Siento Seguro en el Colegio

Alfredo, a 17 year old from Timbiquí (a mining village on the west coast of Colombia) talks about poverty and insecurity in the region, the impact of natural disasters, armed conflict, and the role...

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Nacer en Colombia es una desventaja para las niñas

According to Save the Children’s “Every Last Girl” report Columbia ranks 75th in terms of girl’s opportunities to survive, thrive, learn and be protected, globally- making it one of the worst...

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Protegiendo la niñez en Tumaco

Making sure that every last child has the right to survive, learn and be protected are the main objectives of the open spaces led by Save the Children in Tumaco, Colombia. Created in some of the...

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Niños, niñas y adolescentes piden a los estados que los protejan frente a la violencia

26 representantes de 10 países de América Latina y El Caribe se reunieron en Montevideo, Uruguay, y elaboraron propuestas a las autoridades para enfrentar el acoso y la violencia en entornos...

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Children and adolescents urge states to protect them against violence

26 representatives from 10 countries in Latin America and the Caribbean met in Montevideo, Uruguay, and made proposals to the authorities to face harassment and violence in virtual environments....

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La música, una herramienta de paz

Camilo is only 14 years old but has already experienced tough situations in his life. He and his family had to leave their native Medellin after the murder of his mother. The new city, Tumaco, in...

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Report: Unequal Portions

Good nutrition – a healthy, balanced, adequate diet – is a matter of life or death. And the difference between surviving or thriving. It is essential for a healthy immune system, to protect against...

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