Even with no classroom, no books, no blackboard, or no chalk – if there is a good teacher, children will learn. 

Teachers matter more to children’s learning than any other factor. And so investing in teachers should be the highest priority to ensure all refugee children get a quality education.

A new report from Save the Children, Hear it from the Teachers, sheds light on the situation for teachers of refugee children, hearing directly from them what they see as the biggest challenges to doing their jobs well and in supporting refugee children to recover, learn and thrive.

“When you bring refugees back to school, it will rub out their stress and the bad memories of the incidents at home. Those who feel isolated will feel united. Education is a key to your life and a light for your future.” 

Tabu, South Sudanese Accelerated Education Programme teacher in Uganda

“Syrian children have ambition. The war has affected them but the ambition is still there. They want to achieve their dreams.”

Moussa, Early Childhood Development and Care teacher in Lebanon

Hear directly from our teachers by watching the video and reading the report