They listened us.

After 2 months of campaigning we are excited to announce that the Norwegian Parliament blocked the proposal of extending the scheme of temporary residence for unaccompanied minors coming to Norway.

The decision is certainly going to have a great impact in the lives of thousands of children who flee from war and conflicts seeking for protection. 

We know that it would have been impossible to reach this commitment without the support of all people who had campaigned with us, signing the petition, speaking out on social media, participating in debates…  

Thank you!

The fact that so many of us came together made of this a victory.  We are happy to see that we contributed to a piece of hope for vulnerable children on the move.

We worked with 37 civil society organizations, conducted systematic advocacy towards parliamentarians, participated in media debates and mobilized through social media. Today we congratulate the Parliament of Norway and urge its government to make all necessary to ensure that every last child has a chance to survive, learn and be protected.

Find out more about the campaign here.