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Relaxed moments with Hiba and Anoyara...

Our Agents of Change - youth delegates at UN General Assembly in New York (L-R) Takyiwa, Minhaz, Hiba and Anoyara - after their Facebook Live event where they spoke about how young voices matter, what SDGs mean to them and what their hope for a future world is. Here are some great quotes by Hiba from the Live chat.

"When I first came here I was nervous, I wasn’t sure about what I’m going to do, this trip was with the support of Save the Children, it was very high level and I thought that my mission and me being here wouldn’t help. But since I have been here I have increasingly felt more confident and comfortable in what I am saying and doing. And I know people are listening to me."

"For me, films and visual media is great way to express. I worked on a film with a friend of mine about history, about a boy who couldn’t achieve his dreams because he wasn’t a Jordanian or Syrian or anything, he was talking to the camera and it was heart-breaking because he was talking about himself. That is the power of visual media."

"I dream of a world with a lot of love, smiles, freedom and everyone having access to education."

"Before coming here to New York I was really nervous about coming here and participating at all of these events, I wasn't expecting my voice to be heard. But once i came here and started meeting new people I realised that everyone wants to listen and everyone is eager to hear about experiences of young people. I'm now sure that we, the young ones, are the people of tomorrow. I am now more excited and full of energy to deliver not only my voice, but the voices of the vulnerable children that maybe at some point we have unfortunately, left behind."

Hiba spoke at the event - ‘Together for the 2030 Agenda: Partnering for Women, Children and Adolescents, to Thrive and Transform the World’ High-Level Event

"This means that we must accept, appreciate and love one another"

Hiba and fellow youth delegate, Anoyara show their commitment towards Every Woman Every Child movement.

Hiba shows off the Sustainable Development Goals she is most passionate about - #4 Quality Education for all children

With Anoyara, our youth delegate from India


Hiba took the floor at the Education Equity met by all event. Hiba encouraged the attendees to think about refugee children's needs - its not just the school but also helping them psychologically. She encouraged everyone to ensure every child achieves their dream.

Hiba and Anoyara pose with Carolyn Miles, CEO Save the Children US


Hiba is a 20-year-old Jordanian and first year art student. Her paternal family were refugees and she grew up with family stories of this experience. Ever since, she has found a huge sense of purpose in supporting youth refugees. She is currently a Volunteer at Princess Basma Youth Resource Center and Amman Innovation lab, where her role is to mentor and guide young members and help them create media projects with certain messages towards social change.

She has participated in her school’s student council and most recently in a UNHCR-led consultation with refugee and host community youth that took place in Jordan. She also participated in a high-level side-event at the World Humanitarian Summit 2016 in Istanbul to represent her personal story as a Palestinian Refugee and her experience in the National Refugee Youth Consultation in Jordan. In addition to this, she created her own human rights serving media projects; videos, photography, etc. She is part of a group called Camerji, that enriches the Arabic visual content on the Internet and to break down the walls between professional and amateur photographers and visual artists, and allow them to exchange knowledge and experiences. She longs for changing the society in which she lives.

We caught up with Hiba before she left for New York and asked her some questions...

What are you most excited about in regard to your upcoming travel to New York to attend the UNGA? 

New York is a great big city which everyone dreams of visiting, but my visit is going to be extraordinary. Because why I am going there is way bigger than just sight-seeing and all the things that tourists do. What I'm most excited about is to serve humanity and tell the stories of the refugees and migrants who are facing a lot everyday and suffering their ways out to survive and maintain dignity. 

What is your favourite Sustainable Development Goal and why? 

Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions is my top priority, I believe when peace and justice are obtained in all fields of life every other goal can be absolutely realized. As well as Gender Equality, No Poverty, and Quality Education. I have faced them myself and that's what's giving me the potential towards them. 

What will be your main message to world leaders at UNGA and why?

We humans are for humans. We need to hold hands and work together and for each others. Because with all the differences between us we make a beautiful painting, and in each detail lives another, when united and attached we attain perfection.