We're campaigning for street children in Afghanistan so that they can fulfil their rights to education and survival. Save the Children's Campaign Manager, Zubaida Akbar was interviewed by a leading national television channel. 

The discussion focused around the challenges street working children, what the government is doing about this and what will be the role of our campaign - Every LastChild - be in reducing and preventing harmful child labor.

Zubaida summarises the interview explaining,

"I spoke briefly about the campaign, why it is focusing on street working children and urged the government to prioritise the needs of children especially those who are marginalised like street-working children. I talked about the 1.9 million children involved in child laboir, 1.2 million of which are involved in harmful labour. We also discussed the implication of harmful child labor on the lives and future of children and what government and even families can do to prevent it."

Watch the interview...