To commemorate International Children's Day on 1 June and World Day Against Child Labour on 12 June, Save the Children’s celebrity ambassador in Afghanistan, Farhad Darya hosted a concert exclusively for children. Almost 1,000 street working children, deprived children from different parts of Kabul and school children participated. 

We asked Save the Children’s Campaign Manager, Zubaida Akbar to tell us a little bit about this creative initiative.


What was your thinking behind hosting a concert for children with Farhad Darya?

This year we wanted to celebrate Children’s Day and World Day against Child Labour in an event with children where they can enjoy, be children and not worry about a life that is filled with challenges. We had around 100 street working children and around 300 deprived children from different partner organisations. The remaining 600 children were from schools in Kabul. The concert was also a good media opportunity for our ambassador Farhad Darya to raise his voice against child labour.

*More about the concert on BBC, Azadi Radio and VOA Ashna

Tell us about your campaign in Afghanistan and how do you think the association with Mr. Darya helps in achieving your campaign objective?

Our campaign is focused on street working children. Mr. Darya has always been a strong voice advocating for the rights of children in Afghanistan. He is one of the most well respected and well known musicians in the country who has selflessly advocated for social issues.  He is known for his philanthropy and we know he can be a very strong voice for children.

What are the challenges faces by street children in Afghanistan and what is your campaign ask from the government?

Lack of protection and lack of access to health and education are among the main challenges street working children face in Afghanistan. The government needs to prioritize this and work towards reducing child labour. 1.9 million Afghan Children are working on the streets while they should be sitting in classrooms and learning.  The government needs to find a long term solution to child labour and allow these children to live their lives as children and enjoy a normal childhood.

What was your favourite part of the concert?

My favourite part was when at the beginning of the concert Mr. Darya said “if this world was not so harsh, and If we were better grown-ups, every day should have been children’s day”. Following this, children were clapping and screaming with joy which made me very happy. Having street working children and children deprived of the essential things in life, being in a concert hosted by Farhad Darya was a once in a lifetime opportunity. I am happy I was a small part in making this happen.

Watch the video: