On the occasion of International Day of the Girl on 11 October, Save the Children, in collaboration with ArtLords, a group of Afghan artists and activists, painted a portrait of an Afghan street-working girl on the walls of Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. The message was very simple – “I am the future of Afghanistan” and we are saying no to child labour.

Listen to Zubaida Akbar, Campaign Manager at Save the Children in Afghanistan, talk about this collaboration and why we are campaigning for street working girls in Afghanistan.

Following up on that, Save the Children also launched the first ever girl child song on 25 October. The song has been produced together with Afghanistan National Institute of Music (ANIM). Some of street working girls who are enrolled at ANIM on scholarship feature in this song.

Farhad Darya, musician and our celebrity ambassador was present at the event along with the Sajia Bahgam, the Gender and Youth Advisor to the Chief Executive of Afghanistan, Dr Abdullah Abdullah. There were Members of Parliament, members of partner organisations, representatives of the US and Australia embassies and over 100 street working girls as well as girls who we support through our education program.

As part of the session, children sought answers as to how the government will make the country a better place for girls living in poor urban settings.

Aryana Saeed a well-known musician and activist performed for the girls and also closed the event with a very powerful message to the girls -

“If you want a better future, study, study, study! An educated woman is a strong and independent woman who can defend her own rights as well as the rights of other women. You won’t have to depend on anyone to do anything for you.”

Access all the photos from the successful event on Save the Children Afghanistan's Facebook page.