The need of education for all refugee and displaced children has been the focus of the #EveryLastChild launch in Geneva. Attended by 35 representatives of Permanent Missions in the United Nations, representatives of 16 UN agencies, ambassadors, heads of international NGOs and civil society coalitions, the event sought the commitment of the participants to bring the problem of the lack of education for displaced children to the World Humanitarian Summit (WHS) taking place in Istanbul this week.

For Save the Children, this Summit is an opportunity to discuss and reach solutions for the urgent need for ensuring that a refugee child’s education is not disrupted for more than one month, that children are protected, that long term solutions are offered, and that existing norms and standards are upheld. “Currently, only one in four refugee children of secondary age is in school. This situation have to change”, claimed Muna Idris, from Save the Children in Jordan.

All participants had written on Every Last Child campaign postcard stating their commitments to the education of displaced children for the WHS. One week before the summit, Save the Children sent the postcards to the participants reminding them about their commitments and promises.

Anita Bay Bundegaard, Save the Children International Advocacy Director and UN Representative, highlighted that it is essential to reach all excluded children, particularly in the context of the global refugee crisis. "We will be drawing attention to those children whom we did not reach with the Millennium Development Goals (MDG), whom we might tend to forget, since they are not necessarily many, they are not necessarily making a lot of noise, and they are not necessarily very visible", she said.

Saja Majali, Jordanian Ambassador, stated the promise of her country to ensure there is no lost generation. “Jordan committed to ensure all children have access to education by next school year”.

For the next three years, Save the Children will work with UN representatives in Geneva and call on world leaders to ensure all children have the opportunity to survive and learn, regardless of who they are or where they live.