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What a day! I am here in Geneva, Switzerland, participating in the World Health Assembly. I am very proud of being here, presenting the adolescents and youth of my country … especially the Bolivian girls.

Today I had the opportunity to participate in the 3rd Annual Global Citizens’ Dialogue, sharing my story and explaining that we all together need to support teenage mothers, girls that have suffered or are still suffering from violence, pregnant adolescents and teenagers that look for information about family planning.

It has been an incredible experience to be able to transmit the daily struggle adolescents and youth face in Bolivia to health leaders from all around the world and to see that they really listened to me. We have a great normative framework in my country. We have to ensure adequate investment in children to set up educational and health programs to prevent more teenage pregnancies and we have to invest in health programs for adolescents so that they receive the support and care they need, as well as appropriate guidance.

With my presence here, I also want to give strength to other girls from Bolivia and the world that suffer or have suffered violence. Let us not be victims anymore of so much violence, damage, silence. Let us be victorious!!! Let us fight together to break the chain of fear and silence – and so much violence. And let us fight for our dreams. Nothing is impossible!

I want to thank God, my family, the school and university, and Save the Children for having trained and supported me in so many ways so that I can achieve my deepest desires, the objective to be here in Geneva, representing my beloved Bolivia. And, maybe being able to change the reality in my country. I feel the strength to keep fighting, for myself, and for the people that need support the most. There are no words to describe the happiness, satisfaction and emotion I feel right now. It is incredible!

The days pass and I’ll pose myself more and more objectives because now, more than ever, I feel that I am the engineer of my life!