As Norway is fading into a summerly state of hibernation, Save the Children Norway has launched a social media campaign to remind politicians and the public that the crisis in the Mediterranean Sea is not over.

The number of people risking their lives in frail boats have increased over the last weeks, yet Norwegian media is not covering it, and politicians and the public seems to tacitly accept the situation. Save the Children Norway refuses to remain silent about the fact that children drown in their attempt to reach our continent. We have invited a number of graphic artists, illustrators, cartoon drawers and other artists, asking them what their life buoy look like, and letting them create a picture that we are using across our social media channels over the summer weeks.

Among the contributors are the famous Norwegian photographer Marcel Lelienhof, designer Fam Irvoll, and children’s book illustrator Lisa Aisato. The pictures are published on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, accompanied by a text stating that No child shall die in the Mediterranian! At the end of the summer, the pictures will be put into a collage and handed over to Prime Minister Erna Solberg, with a clear message and political asks for a better policy for children on the move.

We also invite people to create a life buoy with whatever material or tool available, publish it on Instagram with hashtag #barnpåflukt (children on the move) and tag us at @reddbarna