Who would have known this girl, who made Bangladesh proud when she became the Winner of Highest Gold Medals in the Special Olympics in 2015, was once a victim of social negligence.

Parul was neglected not only by her family but also her community; living in a poor family where they lived hand to mouth, in a small hut with no agricultural land. Moreover when she was diagnosed with intellectual disability, her mother was blamed for giving birth to a “lunatic” girl. 

With support of Bangladesh Protibondhi Foundation (BPF) who provided home based services, a significant constructive change was seen in Parul’s life.

They helped her enrol in a Rural Inclusive School where Parul realised her potential. She was good in games and sports and was given the opportunity to reach greater heights when BPF arranged more swimming practice for her. 

Save the Children then supported her participation at National Level sports competitions where she was inspired and continued to accelerate her potential, clinching a bronze medal at the 2011 Special Olympic Games in Greece. Parul continued to soar when she made not only her parents’ proud but also her country when she won three gold medals for Bangladesh in the Special Olympic Games in 2013 and 2015.

Parul is now enrolled in a secondary school and is a member of the Child Club promoting the rights of children with disabilities. We must not deprive the lives of children. Save the Children, Bangladesh aims to #SaveAPlace for children with disability and not diminish their chances to reach their fullest capabilities.