We are proud to announce that well-known actress, producer and singer, Ruby Lin is now our goodwill ambassador in China. Ruby Lin will help us raise public awareness about the rights of children with disabilities. together we will target parents, schools, teachers and general public to understand that children with disabilities have equal rights to getting an education. Just like their friends, they should be able to go to mainstream schools and learn together.

“I feel sad to know that many children with disabilities are out of school or they can only attend special schools,” said Lin.

“By chance, I know that Save the Children is piloting inclusive education projects in many countries including China, I really appreciate this effort. As inclusive education is a very new concept and children with disabilities still face a lot of social stigma in China, I want to join in the campaign to enable more children with disabilities to access quality education in an inclusive environment.”

Ruby Lin started her career as a part-time advertising model in 1993. In 1998, she took a leading role in the “Princess Pearl" TV series and became a household name overnight. The TV series created a legend on the Chinese mainland and many Asian countries attracting remarkable ratings. Lin remains active in big screens and she is followed by about 75 million ‘fans’ on Sina Weibo (Twitter-like Chinese social media) and more than 1 million on facebook. Lin married Wallace Huo, who is also a famous actor from Taiwan, in 2016. She gave birth to a daughter earlier in 2017.

Apart from huge success as an actress, producer and entrepreneur, Lin also has a passion for philanthropy. She has often made generous donations for charitable cause and actively participated in social campaign for endangered animals and culture protection. After becoming a mother, she become more and more committed for doing something for children in need.

Over the next few months, Lin will participate in activities including  visiting our pprojects and raising awareness using media and social media across China. We thank Ruby Lin for joining our voice to ensure all children with disabilities have equal access to quality education.