Wu LinXiu was never a talkative girl and always seemed to be unduly scared of something. She rarely speaks to her teacher or her friends and never looked her classmates in the eye.

This changed when she participated in the H&M funded photography session. At first, Wu barely interacted with anyone and kept her head low. However after much encouragement and having to complete the activities in pairs, Wu was seen to have built more confidence. She then participated actively in role play and even shared her photos with others. This has helped Wu to feel a sense of belonging amongst her peers.

“In the park near Jingdong Special School in Jan 2017, I practiced photography with my classmates. After seeing green and beautiful leaves, I came up an idea to shoot leaves from the bottom”

The photography session left an ever-lasting impact on Wu. Months later when the team returned to Yunnan, they learnt that she had become much livelier and now participates actively in school. Wu had learned to express herself in ways she never could before.

Young girls with disability like Wu, deserve the chance to reach their potential. Save the Children China strives to #SaveAPlace for these children to give them the opportunity to reach their dreams and flourish.