This 12 year old boy may not be able to walk due to his physical disabilities. But he loves to cook and soon he could be whipping up some real food.

Cessar Jr, is part of Save the Children’s KASALI project, which provides inclusive education to children with disability. Aside from providing education and therapy opportunities, KASALI also trains families on proper childcare and the rights of children with disability. Cessar Jr. has since learned to write and is more open to interact with others.

If everyone has the right to go to school, how come not all children with disabilities are inside the classroom? In the Philippines, only 1 in every 3 children with disability goes to school.

Having a disability does not make anyone less of a person. It is not a curse neither should their parents be blamed for having a disabled child. Busting myths and misinformation is the first step we can take to make sure everyone is aware that persons with disability have the same rights as everyone else.

KASALI project have also helped Cessar Jr.’s father feel empowered and not be ashamed of his son’s disabilities. “Some children run away from my son,” he continued. “I tell them not to be scared of Cessar Jr. I advise parents who have children with disability to never be ashamed of their kids”.

All children need a little help and deserve equal opportunities to be successful and chase their dreams.