With a sparkle in her eyes, Risma quietly told me that she likes chocolate so much. Just like any other kids that like chocolate, Risma is no different. Since she was three years old her mother found out that she has physical disability. She couldn’t move her right hand easily, but she managed to write with the left hand.

She didn’t see this as a barrier and has been going to school – “I don’t want to be seen as different, I want to go to the same school like all my friends”. She calls this the “usual school” where her twin sister also attends a class two years her senior. But this situation is hasn't made Risma lose her confidence, infact it’s spurred her on and become her motivation to go to school.

Despite her mothers best efforts, medical attention has been a challenge for Risma - so the presence of Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) has helped Risma very much through therapy and has many friends in school which keeps her attending regularly.

Risma is one of the children with disabilities from 1600 direct beneficiaries across 7 areas through IDEAL Project. Save The Children, through IDEAL (Inclusive Community Development and School for All) funded by the IKEA Foundation, support government in strengthening systematic integrated community support for children with disability, through Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) & Family Forum (FF). Having integrated community support is also ensuring that children have access to their basic right of education and child protection.

Save the Children use community based rehabilitation to establish an active community who support children with disabilities, promoting children's rights through 'self-reliance' and improving access to quality education. 

Community is the important stakeholder to give a supportive system to families with children with disability. The result of sucessful community based rehabilitation is not only giving social support but creates a sense of local ownership in society, increasing the capability and capacity to take care of each other. 

Risma’s story is a happy one, and a story of the grit and determination of the human spirit.