On National Children’s Day (14 November), Save the Children India initiated #Move4Children to mobilise people in the lead up to Universal Children’s Day. A series of activities took place across 13 states that included walks, marathons, missed calls campaigns, adding Facebook frames and taking twitter action to show support.

By the end of the week, 100,000 people had taken action and over 4 million people engaged in the action online! Celebrity ambassadors, partners including Global Citizen Festival and Youth ki Awaaz as well as corporate partners such as PwC India joined in.

The public were then able to join in their #Move4Children support in digital and physical actions. We wanted to mobilise children and communities together with corporate bodies. The online action ranged from adding ‘I #Move4Children’ frame to posting a photo with a message saying I #Move4Children. This messaging also allowed Save the Children India to harness the power of celebrity partnerships, and partnerships with other organizations. By using simple messaging Save India aimed to inspire public action and put a spotlight on the rights of children.

You can learn more about this exciting initiative in the gallery below, where you can view some inspiring pictures of the mobilization. Click them for more information.