Nour lives by himself with no family around, but this hasn’t stopped him from chasing his dream.

Nour has just returned from school, changing two rides and walking for half an hour. Having lost both parents and a brother in the second year of the Syrian war, Nour’s fate took him to Lebanon, where settling into a new environment was the first of many challenges he was to come against.

“I stayed at my cousin’s house for a while. It was a bit overwhelming for everyone so I decided to work and rent a small garage,” says Nour, 15, who is spending the first winter by himself.

“It was an empty place with no doors. I had nothing to eat and I could only feel reminiscent about my mom’s cooking. It was only then when the reality hit me. I was now without a family and had to do everything alone.”

The new challenge sparked a fighting spirit inside Nour. For 12 hours a day in the summer, he worked to save up for his tuition fees. His effort paid off with exceptional secondary school grades.

“There was no point in sitting here and crying for myself. ‘‘’If you want comfort tomorrow, get tired today,’’’ those words keep flashing in my mind.

“I graduated from the secondary school top of my school, 22nd on Bekaa and 28th on all of Lebanon. I came back home that day thinking there was no mother to make proud.”

There is no doubt in Nour’s mind that “with enough will and determination, I will reach my dream that will make my parents happy.

“I want to go to university, graduate and do my Masters. I want to travel. I want to fly.”


*Names have been changed for protection.


Nour faced the prospect of going to an orphanage before his cousins brought him to Lebanon. In a new country with new surroundings, he had to adapt quickly so he could re-join education.

Now in high school, Nour works in the summer and over weekend to support himself. With donation from the Middle East Broadcasting Center (MBC) and the US Bureau of Population, Refugees, and Migration (BPRM), Save the Children, through Child Protection programme, helps Nour to get on with life and cover rent and tuition fees.