The Kayany Foundation School inspires girls to work hard and dream big.

The girls are pouring out of the classrooms and into the playground. They have just finished their mid-term exams and are debating the questions and answers in the sunshine.

The atmosphere around the place and inside each of the colourfully-decorated prefab classrooms is full of energy and life. Opened by Malala Yousafzai in 2015, the Kayany Foundation All-Girls School provides female students between 14-17 years old with certified – mainly secondary - education. 

Up to 150 girls come here to learn computer science, medicine and interior design, in addition to the main taught subjects.

Those who almost gave up on education a year ago now dream of becoming chemists, pilots and language teachers.

“There is something new to learn here every day,” says Raghad*, of Grade 8, sitting on a chair in the school library.

“We learn about first aid and how to respond to accidents. [Learning about] Computer is also so important because we know it is the language of the future.”

The school imbues girls with confidence and encourages them to think positively. Many of the students have lost their homes and fled to Lebanon as refugees, but this has only inspired them to work harder and dream bigger.

“We are all here to fight for our future,” says Jana in Grade 9. “To finish our studies and achieve our goals, we are determined to succeed.”

“But, we also realise that many girls like us have not had the opportunity to express themselves. Hopefully they will be able to join us soon.”

*Names have been changed for protection.


The Kayany Foundation School in the Bekaa Valley was licenced by the Lebanese Ministry of Education and Higher Education to teach the formal Lebanese curriculum and offer its students an end-of-year certificate.

Supported by Save the Children through funds from British investor Paul Marshall, Kayany Foundation provides education opportunities and relevant life skills for up to 150 Syrian refugee girls aged 14 to 17.