What We Are Doing

Race for Survival in Bolivia 29 Oct 2014

194 children from 8 schools in La Paz and El Alto participated in Race for Survival in Bolivia in the presence of representatives from the National Department of Health. The focus of the race was on children’s right to healthcare, and calls for the reduction of newborn mortality rates, as well as improvement in health and nutrition.

Two weeks before the race, 100+ children were brought togehter to answer two important questions.  The answers were coded and grouped together as below:

What do we need and want from the healthcare professionals so that we can live healthy lives?

  • We want to be treated well, with care and attentiveness as well as information that we can understand
  • We want good professionals, such as doctors with experience and a good attitude

What do we need from government authorities, so that children can live healthy lives?

  • More health check-ups and attention to children, girls and moms
  • More medicines, more investment in hospitals and more healthcare personnel
  • Less corruption and for authorities to be more responsible

The day after the race, on October 20th, eight children gave speeches in front of media, teachers and government officials at the Ministry of Health and  read their demands calling on political leaders, policy makers and civil society to ensure their commitment to child survival with a special focus on health and nutrition is made.  They asked the authorities, “What are you going to do in order to answer our demands?”

The authorities agreed  to form a “Committee on Integral Health of Children” and signed a letter of Commitment.  The Committee will focus on children under five years and students under 12 years old and will be tasked with devising public health strategies at the national level.

Local coverage was received on FM Bolivia and HOY Bolivia.com. Check out the Flickr album.