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Leading Music Artists Produce New Campaign Song in Uganda 16 Jun 2014

By Martha Parsons, Save the Children Uganda

14 of Uganda's leading music artists have come together to produce a song for the EVERY ONE campaign to help promote its key messages, whilst mobilising the public to take action in calling for an end to the preventable deaths of mothers and children.

In February 2014, leading Ugandan musician Bobi Wine and his wife became ambassadors for the EVERY ONE campaign. Over the past few months, they have travelled to hospitals throughout Uganda, meeting with midwives and health workers, raising awareness of the campaign’s work and helping to amplify our voice.

Music is extremely popular in Uganda, and music artists attract large numbers of followers. Since we were working with one of the country’s leading music artists, we decided to produce a charity song, bringing artists together for our cause. In August, we will hold a fundraising concert featuring performances from the artists involved in the project to mark 500 Days to the Millennium Development Goals deadline.

It is the first time the main three artists have collaborated together in this way, and the project is an important demonstration of unity – artists putting aside their differences to raise awareness and try and bring about change.

The finished song and video is now getting airplay on national media platforms in Uganda, and music artists are showing the music video at their concerts, whilst also promoting key messages during their time on stage.

The song and video are important advocacy tools, as well as providing an effective way of engaging the public, and it is hoped that continued airplay will provide a lasting legacy for the work of the EVERY ONE Campaign in Uganda.