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HRH Princess of Jordan joins Race for Survival 12 Oct 2015

Written by Sewar Sawalha, Public Relations Manager, Save the Children in Jordan

On October 8th, Save the Children Jordan organized its 2015 Race for Survival event under the patronage of HRH Princess Basma Bint Talal. It took place in the stadium of the Applied Science University in Amman from 4pm till 6pm. Eighty children from Jordanian schools took part in the race, running a distance of 400m each. They each carried a piece of a puzzle they then placed at the center of the stadium stating “We Must Reach Every Child.” The event was meant to uphold the following objective: to improve the identification, measurement and understanding of Anemia among children under the age of five and scale up coverage of prevention, control and treatment activities, as well as a 50% reduction of Anemia in young children by 2025.

In addition to the children participating, a number of people attended the events including our chairperson Her Royal Highness Princess Basma Bin Talal, our sponsors’ representatives from Orange Telecom, Hikma Pharmaceuticals PLC and PowerHut Gym, members of HRH cabinet, members of Save the Children Jordan, doctors, representatives of ministries, UNICEF, New Zealand embassy representatives, Jordan Bromine, Ayla, Jordan Ahli Bank, Pharmacy One, Medlabs, Landmark Hotel as well as JOHUD.

Our CEO Manal Wazani delivered a speech in which she reminded Save the Children Jordan’s long lasting commitment to EVERY ONE’s campaign objectives, stating the importance of reducing child mortality under the age of five from preventable causes.

Prior to the event, Save the Children Jordan organized an event in collaboration with our sponsor Hikma Pharmaceuticals. A number of doctors, hematologists and gynecologists gathered on October 7th to discuss the ways to raise awareness on anemia in children and women of reproductive age.

In this video of hopes, children voiced their concerns about the changes they were hoping to see happening in Jordan. Under the sentence: “To make sure all children around the world are healthy and survive past the age of five, my government should”, children expressed their desires to see better care for the youth in areas such as malnutrition, education, medicine, and overall wellbeing.

At the end of the race, a young boy handed the baton to HRH while expressing the importance of committing to the fight against child mortality and the promotion of MDG4. In a powerful speech, he reminded the promises made by the world to cut child mortality by two thirds by the year 2015.

Outcomes from the race are yet to be assessed but Save the Children Jordan remains confident that the visibility of the event as well as HRH attendance will help move things forward in the fight against anemia.