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Inequitable progress

Since 1990, the world hasĀ halved child mortality and the number of out-of-school children, yet still millions of children have been left behind. Increasingly, children are failing to survive and learn because of who they are and where they live. This exclusion can be the result of a child's poverty, gender, disability, ethnicity or religion, or more often some combination of these factors.

Who are the world's excluded children?

Excluded groups of children are those who are not benefitting from recent global progress in social well-being – particularly in health and learning – because of a toxic mix of poverty and discrimination. The discrimination they face can be deliberate or the result of neglect or oversight.

Exclusion is apparent in every country and for millions of children:

of all children we have data on – equivalent to 1.2 billion children in developing countries – are living in a region of their country that's been left behind.


children lives in a conflict-affected country.

400 million

children around the world are from ethnic and religious groups that are discriminated against and at risk of exclusion.

400 million

children under 12 are in extreme poverty.

150 million

children have a disability.

Campaigning in countries

Save the Children's global campaign – Every Last Child – will tackle some of the key causes of exclusion in order to help set the world on the trajectory to end preventable child deaths and achieve learning for every child within a generation.

In tackling the causes of exclusion our campaigning will contribute to our three breakthroughs:

No child dies from preventable causes

All children learn from a quality basic education

Violence against children is no longer tolerated

We are doing whatever it takes to reach the world's most excluded children. With your help we can get the world to put excluded children first and tackle the barriers that prevent them from surviving, learning and being protected. We won't stop until every last child fulfils their potential.

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A fair chance for all children

Save the Children is calling on world leaders to make three guarantees that ensure all children have the opportunity to survive and learn, regardless of who they are or where they live.

Fair finance

Create global rules and national systems that enable money to be raised and spent in ways that get every child the essential services they need to survive, learn and be protected.

Equal treatment

Challenge and change laws and behaviours that discriminate against children, in ways that stop them from surviving, learning and being protected.

Accountability to children

Give excluded children and their communities a voice in the decisions that affect them, and ensure that every last child is registered and counted.

Achieving Sustainable Development Goals with the campaign

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), launched at the UN General Assembly in 2015, commit to tackling inequalities through the principle of 'no target met unless met for all'. Yet on current trends, over four million children will die from preventable causes and over 40 million children will be denied a basic education in 2030.

Without a better understanding of which children are being left behind and a plan to address this exclusion, we will not achieve the SDG targets. Our Every Last Child campaign will tackle some of the key causes of exclusion so that we can reach 15 million children and contribute towards progress on the SDGs.

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